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Joe Walker 

Director of Projects, Project Management 



Enlisting in the British Army straight from Sixth Form college started his journey and began his interest in all aspects of leadership. With a full career as a Paratrooper, finishing as Brigade Sergeant Major, Joe has a wealth of experience spanning over 23 years. He’s been tested in both peacetime and operational war-torn environments, developing his skills of resilience, strategic leadership and getting the very best out of the people working for him.

Joe’s committed to investing heavily in every individual within the business to motivate and maximise productivity, consistency, positivity and ultimately success. Providing the highest level of service, he utilises his unique leadership style and mental resilience training to empower our leaders to tackle a broad range of complex projects. 


Joe’s responsible for the strategic design and delivery of a range of Leadership Programmes for all levels at Hazlo and Infinite Partnerships. His passion sits with managing the talent and development work stream whilst promoting a lifelong learning culture across the organisation. 


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